Varialands, a magical kingdom with Islands floating in the sky, each filled with thousands of treasures and mysteries. For inhabitants of varialands only one thing matters most, and that is to become the king of the Island.

Although becoming the king of the Island is the dream of every citizen in Varialands, yet they need to first survive! In Varialands resources are so scarce and each island has only 1 resource type to be mined. That is why the island wars exist!


GAME'S Features

card types: buildings


Mines are the basic means to gather resources in the game. There are 3 types of mines in total and each type is used to gather one specific resource. Furthermore, each type of mine has 3 variation which is related to their resource consumption.

card types: buildings


A town is not a town without Buildings! There are several types of buildings which has their own functionality. The most valuable building in VariaLands is Palace. it produces Gold, which is the rarest resource of the kingdom

card types: buildings


Each type of characters provide a certain functionality such as boost in minings or lowering the fees, etc... Each charckter can only work in its related building. For example you can not put a politician in the mines! That is a disgrace to the society and culture :D


April 2022 :
  • Whitepaper v0.0.1
  • Smart contracts for Phase 1: Foundation (on Testnet)
  • Designing Arts and Assets
  • Creating Collection on Wax Blockchain(AtomicHub)
  • Creating Game Templates on Wax Blockchain(AtomicHub)
  • Website launch
  • Whitepaper v1.0.0
  • Social media launch
  • Promo drops for OGs, Actives...
May - June 2022:
  • Getting whitelisted on AtomicHub and NeftyBlocks
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • Uploading smart contract on Mainnet
  • Whitelist Pass sale
  • Social media marketing
  • Listing Game tokens on Alcor Exchange
  • Stress testing the beta version of the Game
  • Main packs sale
  • Game launch v1.0.0 (1 day after Main pack sale)
  • Optimizing the Game
Q3 2022:
  • Launching of Phase 2
  • Smart contracts for Phase 2: Adventure (on Testnet)
  • Designing Arts and Assets for Phase 2
  • Creating Game Templates on Wax Blockchain(AtomicHub) for Phase 2
  • Whitepaper v2.0.0
  • Uploading smart contract for Phase 2 on Mainnet
  • Stress testing the beta version of the Game (Phase 2)
  • Troops pack sale
  • Game Upgrade to v2.0.0
Q3-Q4 2022 :
  • Smart contracts for Phase 3: Conquest (on Testnet)
  • Uploading smart contract for Phase 3 on Mainnet
  • Stress testing the beta version of the Game (Phase 3)
  • Game Upgrade to v3.0.0
  • Listing Game tokens on Pancakeswap.
2023 :
  • Mobile Game


Varialands is a play-to-earn web game using NFT Technology. Players will be rewarded with tokens and can also create valuable NFTs

In order to play VariaLands you need to first buy the game NFTs
To buy the NFTs you must have a WAX wallet. Here is an article about how to create a wax wallet and buy WAXP token. Also The marketplace from where you can buy NFTs is Atomichub and Neftyblocks.

You can pick your Island, build your town structures and mines, start mining and earn, raise your army to conquer and become the king of the Island!

VariaLands is on WAX blockchain

VariaLands has 4 type of resources: Wood, Stone, Grape and Gold

If you are asking whether there is a mobile phone app for VariaLands, then the answer is no, not yet. However Varialands, on lunch, will be fully responsive and playable on small screens, just like desktop browsers

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